Let's decontruct The House That Feminism Built!


Woven: grounding feminist thoughts and practices in Omaha will be centered at an exhibition space in Benson September – October 2017. The exhibition itself includes the house-weaving, hosting a series of co-curated performative events, skill-sharing workshops and some outreach workshops. The project is a collaboration between Omaha artists Victoria Hoyt and Camille Hawbaker. In her individual work, Hoyt is interested in connecting everyday, emotional and fragmentary experiences into wider narratives. She is a bricoleur by nature and thinks abstractions into being through material play. Hawbaker is similarly drawn to the tactile with her practice including printmaking and fiber arts. She works poetically and intuitively with language and line to express what cannot be conveyed by words alone.

Hoyt and Hawbaker first worked together in the collaborative feminist group UNL Womanhouse, active between 2011-2012 in Lincoln. The group, initiated by Hoyt, put on a two-month-long, interdisciplinary exhibition called “The House That Feminism Built” that invited community members to sew a house out of red-hued used clothing. In addition to the fabric house being an ongoing project that was slowly being constructed from within, they also used it as a gathering space for performances, discussions and various gatherings. Rooting the philosophical and emotional discussions of feminism in the physical– through handiwork and literal representations of metaphorical thinking– is at the core of this project’s intention and Hoyt and Hawbaker’s partnership.


We are so very grateful for the support of Omaha Creative Institute for helping fund this project!

Woven was chosen as the $5000 Spring Creative Grant recipient.

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