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Alex Totman will be leading the self-care skill-share Sunday, Oct. 29th from 3 – 4:30.
Hope to see you there!
How do you identify yourself? (Work, education, neighborhood, family, gender, etc.)

Identifying myself is hard, I don’t think about it much. It reminds me of labels– which I abhor. When we were little, things seemed much more simple. For example, I loved to color (still do!) and your first box of crayons only has one shade of each color. You have one green crayon, and you know that’s the color of the grass. That blue is the color of the sky. The red is the shade of an apple. Overly simplistic, eh? As you grow, you get a bigger and better selection of crayons. Nothing is black and white anymore, everything has shades and is much more complicated. I feel like labels are akin to a simple box of crayons. It’s something simplistic to help people understand you a little better, but a person is so much more than some simple labels. If I HAD to identify as anything it would be.. life learner, animal lover, licensed massage therapist, artsy fartsy, single pansexual woman, taco eater, and nap taker.

What’s a practice you do in your life that relates to feminism?

I guess my attitude where I don’t give a fuck what other people think, lol! I spent too much time when I was younger worrying and stressing about what others thought, it was exhausting.

Where do you want to see more feminist thinking?

I would love to see it in all levels, from every person in their daily lives to our government. Men can benefit from feminism too. All too often I have come across men who find it essential to be “manly” but we are all human beings going through this world on our own journeys and showing emotion at any time is okay! We are human! Feel what runs through your veins and express how you feel accordingly!

How could the social fabric of Omaha be strengthened? That’s a harder inquiry. I think any social fabric could be strengthened through open and honest communication and compassion. It’s so much easier to be pissed and hateful towards others, especially right now. We will never truly be able to put ourselves in someone’s shoes, but for the most part, I think most cases (not all) our disagreements with each other’s life choices (ie. gay marriage) can be dismissed with live and let live.

What women make you feel empowered?

There are so many women  that make me feel empowered! It brings me such joy to see those living life the way they truly want- pursuing a career which excites them, expressing themselves through dance or art, getting out of their comfort zone, being brave despite their current troubles and persevering. These women make me feel empowered!

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