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Embodied Loom recaps

The “Embodied Loom” was an activity where people joined forces to become a weaving apparatus. Being more fun than it sounds, it was a hands-on way to understand how weaving works and how our “social fabric” is constructed. We presented the activity at several different locations in Omaha with a diverse range of people joining in. If you were one of them, thank you for being part of the “Warp and Weft of Us”!

9/1: kick-off at Gifford Park Neighborhood Market (our first public event!)

9/15: Workshop at The Union for Contemporary Art


(Above photos by Dawaune Hayes, Communications Manager @Union for Contemporary Art)


10/10: Intro to Women and Gender Studies in the Humanities class at UNO with Dr. Maria Arbelaez

11/17 INDIGENIST opening at the Community Engagement Center at UNO (shout-out to our co-cos Brittany Strong and Regina Emily Robbins for making this happen!)

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