Event recap: Woman in Omaha

“What does it mean to be a woman in Omaha?” co-curators Beaufield Berry-Fisher and Jen Dawson posed the question to artists, performers and writers from diverse backgrounds, and invited the public to hear their responses in the forms of 5-minute plays, poems, performances, and stories.

Performances by: Brandi Smith, Lift Every Voice; Christi Leupold, Come Hungry; Michelle Huber, How to be from Omaha; Robyn Helwig, Yes, I know I’m beautiful; Cecilia Poon, A Phone Call; Beaufield Berry, I don’t know yet; Makayla Kelley; J.R. Dawson (feat. Hayley Greenstreet, Christi Leupold and Kim Alger), Prairie Women; Mallory Vallier and Regina Palmer, Awareness; Zedeka Poindexter, Onions; Ashley Laverty Woman: A meme

With visual art by Pamela Jo Berry

Brandi Smith singing a beautiful rendition of “Life Every Voice” to start out the evening.
Robyn Helwig singing her clever feminist parody “Yes, I know I’m beautiful.”
“Prairie Women” Hayley Greenstreet, Christi Leupold and Kim Alger performing a piece by co-curator J.R. Dawson.
Christi Leupold scowling at her snoring husband off stage in the humorous and relatable piece by co-curator Beaufield Berry-Fisher.
Poet Zedeka Poindexter reading “Onions” and making us all cry some more. Unseen here, her daughter was right next to her during the performance.
The women of “Woman in Omaha” after the final performance “Woman: A Meme” by Ashley Laverty. (Just want to say woman one more time. WOMAN.)

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