Recaps: The Woven space + Weaving

Woven was a temporary exhibition graciously hosted by Jess Benjamin in her studio at 6523 Maple St. in Benson.
Camille with weaver-extraordinaire Mary and her mom Aubrey.

Weaving is fun for everyone! Danielle with her lovely weaving done on a loom you can make at home using cardboard and yarn/string.

Woven supporter and UNO art historian professor Adrian Duran weaving it up on the floor loom.
“We all rely on each other”– thoughts that were woven into the “Warp and Weft of Us” tapestry.

Event recap: Women, Violence and Fighting Back

Co-curated by Karin Campbell and Monica Maxwell, this was an intimate look at violence against women with speakers sharing personal and professional stories. We were very pleased to be serving Aisha Al Ramadan’s wonderful, home-cooked Syrian food at the start of the program: baba ganoush, maqlouba, tabouli, and, my personal favorite, baklava was enjoyed by all.

Please note that sickness was abounding at that time and there were a few shifts in the program.

Beaufield Berry-Fisher performing an excerpt by artist Hayv Kahraman, with associated imagery by Kahraman projected.